All-NBA True Shooting Percentage Team

by JB

Consider two players, Player A and Player B.  Player A shoots ten elbow jumpers and makes five for a field goal percentage of 50%.  Player B shoots ten three pointers and makes five for a field goal percentage of 50%, as well.  However, which player was the better shooter?  Obviously, Player B.  Thus, true shooting percentage takes into account free throws, 2 point field goals, and 3 pointers, to create a more accurate measure of a player’s field goal percentage.

The members of the True Shooting Percentage All-NBA Team had the highest true shooting percentage at their position given at least 30 games played and at least 24 minutes played per game.  (Data from here.)

Center: Tyson Chandler (NYK)

True Shooting Percentage: 67.7% (1st in the NBA)

Obligatory Tyson Chandler Lob


Tyson Chandler Shot Chart…and now you see why he has a TS% of 67.7%

Power Forward: Serge Ibaka (OKC)

True Shooting Percentage: 61.4% (9th in the NBA)



He has a surprising amount of range for a big fellow

Small Forward: Kevin Durant (OKC)

True Shooting Percentage: 64.6% (2nd in the NBA)

Putting Brendan Haywood on a poster


Interesting – Durant seems to have more trouble shooting on the left side, especially on mid-range shots.

Shooting Guard: Martell Webster (WAS)

True Shooting Percentage: 62.5% (6th in the NBA)

Martell Webster, Unveiling the Wizard


Martell Webster Shot Chart

Point Guard: Steve Nash

True Shooting Percentage: 60.6% (13th in the NBA)

Who cares about true shooting percentage when you can Gangnam Style like that?

Pretty good from everywhere...except the right corner.

Typical Nash, pretty good from everywhere…though he seems to be struggling from the right corner.